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Sleep Well


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Download your 2-hour audio file of ocean waves which, when coupled with deep breathing, is intended to help you relax and rest easy. #FITAFTER50 suggests 7 1/2 to 9 hours of sleep per night for optimum health benefits. For best results, darken the room, get comfy in bed, diffuse a lavender essential oil, breathe deeply and listen to the peaceful sounds of the sea. Recorded at the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina, USA.

Ladies' Cyber Pink #FITAFTER50 If The Shoe Fits... T-Shirt


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This ladies' authentic Fruit of the Loom short-sleeved T-shirt is made of durable heavy cotton.  Complete with #FITAFTER50's "If the shoe fits, wear it out" logo, it's sure to turn more than a few heads at the gym or on the walking track. 

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Men's Black #FITAFTER50 If The Shoe Fits... T-Shirt


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This men's Gildan 50/50  authentic heat transfer short-sleeved T-shirt is made of a comfortable cotton/polyester blend.  Complete with #FITAFTER50's "If the shoe fits, wear it out" logo on a quality brand works for your workout indoors or out. 

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The Original #FITAFTER50 Water Bottle


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Sleek and simple metallic charcoal 24-ounce aluminum water bottle complete with carabiner clip and red #FITAFTER50 The Revolution logo. Separate screw-top with leak-proof seal. Handwash only. Best for cold liquids. (Yeah, we all need more water, right?) Perfect for on-the-go!

Your Original #FITAFTER50 "If the Shoe Fits..." Fitness Notes Personal Notebook


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Your very own #FITAFTER50 notebook to capture your fitness tips and success stories. Useful to keep you focused and log your progress.  Jot down inspiring quotes, success stories, and affirmations. Just another tool to propel you forward on your fitness journey. A great gift for you or your Revolutionary partner to feed your mind, body and soul. 

The Original #FITAFTER50 Paragon Pen with Stylus


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Laser-engraved, this Paragon Pen also doubles as a stylus for use on your phone, notebook or laptop. Polished chrome accents with aluminum beneath a soft touch casing for durability plus comfort and ease in writing. A nice touch exclusively designed for #FITAFTER50 Revolutionaries. 

Who We Are

A Revolution for Fitness

Jean Bailey Robor, Creator of #FitAfter50 has started a REVOLUTION. She takes your fitness goals seriously. She understands that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging. She has been there and done that and is still in the process! Her goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals by providing information, motivation and fitness events to guide you on your journey to fitness. Join the revolution and become a #FITAFTER50 REVOLUTIONARY.

My Story in a Nutshell

Hey, guys, so why should you listen to me? What makes me think I can help you on your journey to fitness? Here's the why: Most of my life I've been, let's say, less than fit. There were times that, if you'd seen my weight and BMI, you would have sworn I was in good shape. There were times where if you'd seen my weight and BMI, you'd have known I was obese. (Ugg, I hate the sound of that word, y'all.) No matter what, my weight wasn't the biggest factor in my fitness level, which was crappy at either end of the spectrum. Little by little, year by year, I'd gotten comfortable sitting at my job of almost 20 years, so that even standing for short periods made my back hurt. And I didn't feel like doing much of anything physical. Plus, my lifestyle was affecting my health, cholesterol, triglycerides, and all that jazz. So, now that I'm on the 'other side' of 50, I'm facing a whole new set of challenges. But now I'm getting fit and I haven't felt better or more energized in years! And this is why I began #FitAfter50 The Revolution. What I've experienced, I want you to experience too. And to know, that life truly can get better after 50. You just need to take steps to get it there. With my help, and your determination, you can do it! #NoExcuses



Coming Soon!

#FITAFTER50's book, "Mind.Body.Soul. The Revolution that Changes the Endgame" is due to be released in late 2018! Currently, Jean is seeking and compiling information in order to provide a resource, complete with exercises to add to your favorite workout, nutrition tips and recipes, along with her personal journey to fitness to educate, motivate & inspire you on your fitness journey.


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*Note: Coaching by Jean Bailey Robor consists of working with you to formulate a plan of action and motivation to keep you on track. Does not include personal trainer services. 

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